What is RPL?

  1. RPL is an acronym for Recognized Prior Learning which indicates such type of Australian education system where anyone can gain a RPL qualification if he/she has the skills, knowledge and experience gained through previous service or services, training courses or RPL Trading courses from any RPL service provider and work-based training.

In Australia RPL qualification is a globally recognized education system which anyone can acquire by talking an effective RPL service from an effective RPL service provider like Australian education Counsel


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pexels-photo-106344-1Diploma of Business is a marvelous course to accomplish and expands your profession shape RPL specialist organization like AEC who give propelled offices in each and every capability uniquely at Sydney and Melbourne in certainty all finished in Australia

Aims of this course:

By applying this courseyou may discover the purpose of RPL which will helps to start to create the information and capabilities which are required for your job field in numerous areas of RPL market under the commercial segment. It will introduce you towards plentiful financial disciplines form different services prior to decide the professional area where you will expertize if you thought to enroll with us by knowing our organization named AEC.

Studying this course:

  • Concentrate this course
  • Learning about venture and hazard administration.
  • Knowing about Induction handle.
  • Identifying market openings.
  • Managing distinctive tasks learned from RPL process.
  • Managing HR.
  • Knowledge of administration in regards to advertising.

Promising Job Field:

  • Education
  • Actuary
  • Accounting
  • RPL based Marketing
  • Banking and back
  • Event administration
  • Human assets
  • International exchange
  • Project administration and so forth.

Correlated Course:

  • Certificate IV in Business administration

Course Duration:

AEC has a dynamic team to get qualification faster than your thought. Naturally our certification process is as faster as it gets and quite smooth as well. We will provide you this certificate within shot-span of time as your need or 1 week with the cheapest rate of all.

Australian Education Counsel (AEC)
RPL consulting Agency in Australia
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Tel: +61 2 8065 2558 | 0466 325 112
1300 232 775 | AEC RPL
Suite 1214, Level 12, 87-89 Liverpool St,
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The revolution of RPL business in Australia has been isolated everywhere throughout the world. In Australia one can encourage himself or herself by enlisting themselves into the RPL process which has divers RPL courses. One can likewise encourage by selecting online RPL courses worked by numerous RPL universities who gives certificate.Certificate III in commercial cookery is one of the best RPL courses in recent times to expand one’s career.

Description of this course:

Certificate III in commercial cookery is such a course to achieve and grows your calling shape RPL master association like AEC who give impelled workplaces in every last ability interestingly at Sydney and Melbourne in assurance all completed in Australia.

Study reason of this course:

This course reflects how to:

  • Concentrate the comprehensively saw Certificate III in Commercial Cookery will give you the essential capacity to direct or assemble chief in the kitchen.
  • Figure out how to work uninhibitedly, or with limited bearing.
  • Covers arranging cooking operations, the framework and era of sustenance, deciphering fiscal information and checking Work Health and Safety practices.
  • Apply for Smart and Skilled and Apprenticeships.
  • Work in benevolence relationship, for instance, diners, bars, bistros and motels. Potential occupation parts join Chef-de-Partie and Chef.

Promising Job Field:

Certificate III in commercial cookery is broadly perceived, so you can utilize it to pick up work the whole way across Australia.

This course may give you work open portals as a head gourmet ace in free associations or as a sous culinary master in more noteworthy kitchens for example, lodgings, eateries, bistros, clubs, occasion giving sustenance affiliations, transporters, pro’s workplaces, understudy settlement areas, industry cafeterias and corporate affiliations.

Career pathways:

  • SIT40313 Certificate IV in Hospitality
  • SIT40413 Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • SIT50313 Diploma of Hospitality
  • SIT60313 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality

Course Duration:

Duration for other -Generally for completing this course it take 1 or 2 weeks.

Duration for AEC –AEC has a dynamic group to get capability quicker than your idea. Normally our affirmation procedure is more or less speedier very smooth too. We will give you this testament inside shot-traverse of time as your need or 1 week with the least expensive rate of all


Australian Education Counsel (AEC)
RPL counsalting Agency in Australia
Tel: +61 2 8065 2558 | 0466 325 112
1300 232 775 | AEC RPL
Suite 1214, Level 12, 87-89 Liverpool St,
Sydney CBD, 2000 Australia